Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The Modified Cyclonic Particulate Separator (MCPS) is developed as smart alternative for separation of solids fractions based on specific gravity. The separation is either wet or dry in a closed system where any liquids are recycled back into the process again. No chemicals are used and the demand for energy is low compared with other separation systems.

In a wet process (most common) the fraction is conditioned to a proper pulp density in a large conditioning/slurry tank prior to injection into the modified cyclone. KG's proprietary technique separates LIGHTS from the MEDIUM-LIGHTS and HEAVY material inside a proprietary slurry separator device in the modified cyclone.The feed slurry ("A") is pumped in and split into 3 fractions "B", "C", and "D". The "D" fraction consisting of the HEAVY is most commonly further split via a tradtional gravity spiral into sveral heavy fractions as needed.


Either "B", "C" or "D" discharge flow can then be pumped into a secondary set separators for even closer cut. Most separations require a number of  serial coupled units. The different fractions can either be "waste" or "value"depending on the actual process material.


The units are manufactured in High Density Polypropylene. A typical unit is 600 mm tall with a diameter around 160 mm all dependent on feed material sizes.