Wednesday, September 26, 2018

MCPS Separator

Kinetikgruppen (KG) has developed a unique separation technology based on cyclonic gravity separation of particles down to 1/2 micron size. The proof of theories has been established in a scale model and several tons of different materials have been tested (particle size feed up to 1/8 inch (< 3 mm). The scope for future development of the technique is to scale up/down the equipment in order to process various material fractions.

  • Separation of sulfur, mercury and other rare metals from coal or waste prior to combustion for "clean" burning heat or energy generation.
  • Separation of rare metals in ore, tailings or slag.
  • Separation of different glass such as lead-glass or colored glass in mixed fractions.
  • Separation of rare metals in electronic recycling fractions.
  • Separation/purification of i.e. silicon dioxide (Sio2)
  • Soil reclamation, separation of lead contamination in top soil