Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Hurricane 21-inch comminution reactor dimensions:

Overall Height (A) (shaft tip to tip)       57 inches        132 cm   alt                           
Overall Width (B) (Housing excl. hinge)                     43 inches     110 cm
Total Weight Mill Unit    7,100 lbs   3,200 Kg
A typical 200 Hp Electric Motor   1,800 lbs     816 Kg
Total Weight     9,900 lbs  4,016 Kg

 Hurricane Comminution Reactor at glance:

Shearing impact forces through “weak” particle collisions in the fluid, via multiple counter-rotating vortexes, comminute materials along natural boundaries and the result is unmatched aspect ratios with unique active surface areas. 


Additional benefits include:
•     Material independent, same basic machine configuration for different types of material and moisture content.
•     No grinding media.
•     No adjustments during normal operations.
•     Designed and built for 24/7 operation.
•     Minimum down-time during scheduled maintenance, (clam-shell design Clean-In-Place (CIP)
•     Small footprint and light weight in relation to capacity.
•     No open moving parts, the process chambers are completely sealed and dust free.
•     Extremely quiet  process, less than 90 dB during processing of granite.
•     Can be modified to add excellent drying characteristics.
•     Facilitates inject milling additives.
•     Minimized heat generation in standard design.
•     Moisture level independent.

Hurricane Comminution Reactor a flexible solution:
•     Custom Size/Capacity options and variations from a standard mill.
•     Easily adapted to feed and discharge requirements.
•     Multiple Mills attached to a single Structure.
•     Variable rotation direction/rpm gives different results for the same material.

Hurricane Comminution Reactor and organic materials:
•     Minimal contamination (minimal interactions between equipment and material).
•     Optional Stainless Steel construction.
•     Increased extractability in most materials.
•     Preserves proteins by maintaining integrity of most cell structures.
•     Enhanced flavors and textures.
•     Minimal oxidative effects (cell structures kept intact).
•     Preserves high molecular weight.

Hurricane Comminution Reactor and non-organic materials in particular:
•     Creates an active surface.
•     Nano-particle size potential depending on material.
•     Natural boundary liberation.