Wednesday, September 26, 2018


How the HCR Works

The unique feature of the mill is its ability to suspend material in a vortex of fluid that is directed through the mill in a non-linear pattern. The stress that is directed on to the material being processed breaks the material along natural structural planes. The HCR allows precise control of velocity that best suits the material’s mechanical characterstics to “tease it apart”, without aggressive exertion of energy, heat, noise, and other destructive forces.

The new HCR milling process is easily adjustable to predetermined rotor velocities and rotational directions so that targeted components of the material being processed are not only comminuted but also liberated from the surrounding material with as little or no physical impact or damage of the materials itself! Compared to standard millings systems the new milling system is able to outperform system currently used in almost any industry. The unique configuration of the HCR adds other desirable capabilities such as the ability to inject liquids, solids, or gases to further affect, control, and refine the milling process. New HCR innovations and more refined and efficient processes are being developed during the testing of different materials and operating conditions.