Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fluid Catcher

The most common wind generator seen today, the spindly, unwieldy "windmill", was designed over a thousand years ago. The sight of these large, ugly monsters is a common detractor to nature around the world. They block costal scenery and desert landscapes, and they also interfere with wildlife. It is time for a change!

Old windmills must place heavy parts hundreds of feet up in the air so their large propellers can operate safely. They are truly like modern dinosaurs but with a short life span. Kinetikgruppen developed the Fluid Catcher with special consideration to the many limitations associated with wind and the alternative to be used in the far superior fluid - water!

Kinetikgruppen has designed a brand new fluid powered generator based upon two horizontal, counter-rotating wind impellors with an outer shell, all made of light, composite material.